Following the Cantab- Granta 6th Form Art Exhibition held for the second time in the Michaelhouse Centre in the first two weeks of July, 9 of the 14 works put forward for the Rising Stars competition  –  the Nationwide Competition mounted by the Arts Society  – from the Granta- Cantab 6th Form Art Exhibition, have been selected for the RBA (Royal Society of British Artists) Exhibition and/or the Arts Society Exhibition at the Royal Overseas League.

They are:

For both Exhibitions

Rachel Barlow’s “Girl + Bucket” (Perse School)

Anna Peake’s “Self-Portrait”  (Hills Road Sixth Form College)

Hannah Graham’s “Wet Street” (Hills Road Sixth Form College)

Mizuki Jones’ “Girl in Kimono” (Long Road SFC)

Sungmin Song’s “Norang” (St Mary’s School)


For the ROSL Exhibition

Kate Fung’s “Berlin Cathedral” (St Mary’s)

Anna Peake’s “Girl + Blue Screen” (Hills Road SFC)

Jay Cormie’s “Modern Architeture” (Hills Road SFC)

Sophie Meadows’ “Portrait Drawing” (The Perse)

There were over 200 entries in the Competition from which 20 were selected for RBA and ROSL and 21 for ROSL alone. Our winners were therefore a very high proportion of the field, showing what a high standard our Cambridge Schools, their teachers and students are achieving.

Congratulations to them!

The RBA Exhibition will be held at the Mall Galleries, London in late February/March and the Royal Overseas League in St James’s, London in March/April.



November 2019

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