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13 January 2020The Phoenicians: Ancient Seafarers of the Mediterranean
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10 December 2018Giles: his life, times and cartoons
12 November 2018The Art of Stained Glass
08 October 2018The City of Kyoto and the Cult of Beauty
10 September 2018Conserving Paintings in Country Churches

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The Phoenicians: Ancient Seafarers of the Mediterranean Sue Rollin Monday 13 January 2020

During the 1st millennium BC, the Phoenician city states along the Lebanese coast, especially Tyre and Sidon, flourished on trade.  With the advantage of natural harbours, the Phoenicians became seafarers and established colonies throughout the Mediterranean, including Carthage, founded by the legendary Queen Dido.   Behind the coastal strip rose Mount Lebanon, covered with cedars and other hardwoods which the Phoenicians, who were skilled craftsmen, used for shipbuilding and fine furniture.  They worked also as metalsmiths, weavers, ivory carvers and stonemasons.  Their purple dyes, including the coveted 'Tyrian purple', were renowned, but their greatest legacy to mankind is their alphabet. 


Sue Rollin works as a tour guide and lecturer in India and the Middle East and as a freelance interpreter for the European Union, United Nations and other international organisations.  She has also been staff interpreter at the European Commission, Brussels, and tutor and lecturer in Assyriology and Ancient History at the Universities of London and Cambridge.  Sue has also worked as an archaeologist.  Publications: Blue Guide: Jordan and Istanbul: A Traveller's Guide.

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